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About GBN

Empowering Success: Our Journey of Growth, Collaboration, and Community Upliftment

At Gouds Business Network (GBN), we take pride in being the premier platform exclusively tailored for the Gouds community. Founded on the principles of collaboration, empowerment, and community upliftment, GBN stands as a beacon for Gouds entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Over the past year, we have achieved remarkable success, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where business thrives, meaningful connections are forged, and the community flourishes.

Our commitment to entrepreneurial success is evident in the cumulative business worth 10 crores facilitated through our collective efforts. We operate thriving chapters like Acharya and the newly launched Chanakya, providing hubs for networking, knowledge exchange, and mentorship.

Year of Experience

Our inclusive approach reaches over 1000 businessmen in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, as well as NRI Gouds globally. More than just a business network, GBN is a tight-knit community that values togetherness, support, and shared celebrations.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, GBN is set to expand across districts, continuing to make meaningful contributions to both the business landscape and the Gouds community. Join us in this exciting journey of growth, collaboration, and shared success at Gouds Business Network.



The noteworthy accomplishments of the Gouds Business Network over the past 12 months are as follows:

Cumulative Business of 10 Crores:

Through our collective efforts, the Gouds Business Network has facilitated a cumulative business worth 10 crores over the past year, demonstrating the success and effectiveness of our platform in promoting entrepreneurship and collaboration among Gouds businessmen.

Successful Operation of Acharya Chapter and Launch of Chanakya Chapter:

We have successfully established the Acharya chapter, a thriving hub for networking, knowledge exchange, and mentorship. Additionally, we are proud to announce the launch of our new chapter, Chanakya, in the east zone, providing vital platforms for members to connect, learn, and grow together.

Introducing the Platform to Over 1000 Businessmen in Telangana and AP:

Through various outreach initiatives, we have successfully introduced the Gouds Business Network to over 1000 businessmen in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, creating a strong network of like-minded individuals passionate about entrepreneurship and business growth.

Our Vision

Planning to expand across the districts of both Telugu States, building upon our accomplishments, we are now in the process of expanding our network across the districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, aiming to create localized chapters in each district, providing an inclusive space for entrepreneurs and businessmen to connect and flourish.

Our Objective

The primary objective of the Gouds Business Network is to create a platform that enables Gouds entrepreneurs and businessmen to connect, learn, share experiences, and grow collectively. Through this network, we aim to provide a space for mentorship, knowledge transfer, access to resources, and opportunities for collaboration, ultimately empowering our members to achieve success in their ventures.

Looking Forward:

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we must look forward to the future with optimism and enthusiasm. The Gouds Business Network is poised to continue its trajectory of success, expanding its reach and making even more meaningful contributions to the business landscape and the community at large.


In conclusion, the 1st Anniversary of the Gouds Business Network is a testament to the collective efforts, resilience, and spirit of collaboration that define our community. Here’s to a year of achievements, and many more years of shared success, growth, and community impact. Cheers to the Gouds Business Network!

Business Success:

The past year has witnessed a commendable surge in business success within the Gouds Business Network. Members have thrived by leveraging the collaborative environment, resulting in increased business leads, partnerships, and growth. The network has proven to be a catalyst for entrepreneurial success, fostering an ecosystem where businesses can flourish collectively.

Networking Opportunities:

One of the key highlights of the Gouds Business Network's first year has been the plethora of networking opportunities it has provided. Through events, seminars, and interactive sessions, members have had the chance to connect with diverse businesses and individuals. This not only broadened their professional horizons but also paved the way for collaborative ventures and synergies.

Community Togetherness:

The strength of Gouds Business Network lies in the togetherness of its members. The sense of community that has evolved over the past year is truly heartening. Members have supported each other, shared knowledge, and celebrated successes, creating a tightly-knit community that goes beyond mere business transactions.

Uplifting the Community:

Beyond the realm of business, Gouds Business Network has actively contributed to the upliftment of the community. Through charitable initiatives, community service projects, and socially responsible practices, the network has demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those around us. This commitment reflects the network's ethos of giving back and fostering a sense of responsibility.

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